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Thursday, October 14, 2010

spam art is the new black

have you ever received a beautiful spam message? i have received examples that have been puzzling, engaging, clever, poetic, and even one supposedly from the Office of Homeland Security (bless those Nigerian scammers). yesterday a most comely example of spam came to my in-box. the filter did exile it to my junk folder, but because of the subject line that referenced twitter i felt the need to just check on it. i found a very attractive image built from text forms and underscores(only a few were links):

sure. that's right. it wanted me to go to sites which would have installed keyloggers onto my machine whilst it was selling me knockoff Viagra and Celebrex, but i am intrigued by this idea of the aesthetically pleasurable spam message. i started to think that this might be a good class assignment... spam art

Sunday, March 01, 2009


/hug |sla sh·həg|
noun [treated as sing. or pl. ]

/hug is the latest interventionist act of Third Faction, a non-factional guild/performance World of Warcraft group. /hug (prounounced: slash hug) is a Non Governemental Organization modeled after Red Cross/Crescent. /hug provides comfort and aid to all entities of the endlessly war torn world of Azeroth regardless of faction, allegiance, species, or creed.

/hug will be presenting a project space at the Laguna Museum of Art for the exhibition named: WOW: Emergent Media Phenomena, June 14 – October 4, 2009. the exhibition space will two parts. First is a theatre showing documentary and training machinima and the second section is a field work station where new recruits can immediately begin humanitarian aid missions in world.

/hug is a wordplay and represents a non-factional communication form that all players of WoW and all of humanity can understand, the hug.

Third Faction is a project-collaboration founded on Valentine's Day 2008 by members of the Ars Virtua, the acclaimed virtual worlds critical practice.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

3 Fundred Million

There are many things that were amazing about CAA 2008 but, I feel I need to report on an important project I learned about from Mel Chin and spearheaded locally from Mary Rubin called the Fundred Project.

At this point Mel asked me to swear you to secrecy. Please only pass this info to the most sane individuals you know. ;) This project is so amazing I volunteered to participate.

Fundred is an artist intervention to remove the lead out of the soil in several communities in New Orleans. As you might know lead poisoning has been linked to cognitive disabilities but it is also linked to crime and violence. This poisoning hits the children the hardest because they exposed to more of it for their size and weight.

Mel has concieved of a project to collect the 300 Million that it would take to clean this up from student artists drawing their own Fundred Dollar bills. An armored car converted to burn vegetable oil will travel the US collecting the 3 Fundred Million and deliver it to Washington to 'pay' for the clean up.

To learn more see: Fundred Project. Agent, your password to the site is: Paydirt