Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Manifesto of the Artist on 28 February 2006

a. The foundations of the world are beautiful in their natural geometries and form.

b. The essential theories and physics of familiar objects and substances become deeply imbued and burdened with the subliminal connotations of cultural utilization of these substance-objects.

c. I like to explore the philosophic landscape that is formed between the subtexts and substance-objects. On these topographies I often discover rich metaphors.

Thomas Asmuth

So it was with these observations I was able to sort of decant the reason I wanted to make a soft sculpture (or transitional object) in the form of a Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitor named Fluoxetine. This chemical belongs to anti-depressant class of pharmeceuticals and I wanted to make some work about them, the modeling used to explore the chemistry, and the subtextual meanings created through our employ of these chemicals.

The viewer should be able to hold and take comfort or play with the sculpture. The full size maquettes is being rendered in a stretch velour which is very sexy to the eye and touch.