Friday, June 25, 2010

hello New Wave

dear New Wave it is so good to hear from you again. it has been so long, but you sound wonderful! i do hope you will stay in touch, we missed you.

this has been a few very musically oriented days! New Wave seems to be making a a big comeback if my experiences this week are any indication. i _could_not_ be more thrilled.

DEVO releases a new album—Something For Everyone. the single Fresh delivers what the title promises. the track is true to the band's pop-punk mirthful criticism. i bought Fresh and listened many times over; it inspired me to go add much of the DEVO back catalog to my iTunes collection. for the DEVO aficionado, SFE has a back story of the band infiltrating corporate music to milk the system for all it is worth, including a weekly 'reality' show chronicling the birth and release of SFE.

some Fresh for you (all of you):

now if that weren't enough to make a nerd's week, i also discovered this band this morning which nearly made me weep with joy that the synthpop post punk sound is poised to make a big comeback. ladies and germs, please take a listen to Hussle Club:

HUSSLE CLUB "Good Morning Midnight" from Project Fathom on Vimeo.

and to round these finds for me are a new video and amazing sounds of The Death Set, who I am so happy to find via a link by the exceptional bootlegger Eve Massacre.

The Death Set "Far Weathered Friends" from Project Fathom on Vimeo.

i can't resist one either.