Monday, January 17, 2011

glitch art, a start to my image posts

i want to start cataloging the interesting stuff i see, so expect more image posts.

glitch-art (aka glitch aka digital noise) is the observation of the world of the screen based livelihood. random, error filled beautiful anti-abstractions and unexpected results from our so reliable black boxes.

glitch can be linked to other art movements such as the sonic noise art movement that arose during Dada or earlier. Curt Cloninger has made several posts on a rhizome discussion post that show his day to day discoveries, including an image of a decaying icon painting of the Christ. though the vernacular of glitch is computational, this image underpins that noise art is actually part of even the 'analog' arts. glitch is the material failure of the medium in which creates a unique optical impression. this type of material 'failure' can also be compared to the patina on an antique which regularly increases the value of the object.

i am also reminded of the ideas of 'happy accident' regularly discussed by painters. the happy accident occurs when material skips or misses or exhibits some other bit of resistance to the manipulation of the draughtsperson.

vcu primer on glitch

"To err human, to glitch is machine." creators project brief guide to glitch

i am a avid fan of experimental music and i started to get very interested in optically based glitch in the MMORPG's i participate in. sometimes caused by bad network or slow connections, the spaces in between navigable space of the game and the transport can be very beautiful. here's an example from recent: