Wednesday, April 29, 2009

fluoxetine gets nicknamed 'fluffy' by museum staff

i happen to be in Ohio at this moment, (it is a long story... there might be a job opp here). right before i flew out i decided to see what was the date for the opening of Molecules That Matter exhibition at the College of Wooster Art Museum. Unfortunately they had been closed when I could make a call. today i was able to make that call and fluoxetine is 'standing' tall and proud. the curator's have taken a shine to the piece and it is affectionately known as 'fluffy' at the museum. the show runs through May 10 if you happen to be in the neighborhood. to the left there is a shot from the gallery.

Friday, April 24, 2009

CADRE tshirts 3.0

I have posted this so we can vote web style on the next gen of our shirts.
This is Vera's design and we are looking for a tagline. Below is the list of the tagline options, please vote for your favorite tagline by 5pm, Wednesday, April 29.

Submit your envelope with a T-shirt request to Bruce Gardner by 5pm,
Wednesday, April 29. Cost per shirt - $10. Please include your name, phone #, quantity and size. You can slip the envelope under the door, if Bruce is not in his office. Thanks!