Monday, August 06, 2007

update: starry starry night

telemetry: beware, faint-of-heart, i have a cantenna and i know how to use it. herr Morgan loaned me his cantenna for the the event and the FREAKIN' thing is a cannon!! thank you JM! yesterday, i was also able to hax me Motorola Q into a broadband modem as a redundancy.

software: took a giant leap forward tonight. in the space of a few hours and two pizzas, dear friends and collaborators Rebecca, Wayne, and Ethan worked out most of the bugs and we actually have a running version as of now.

video:is coming along. i found a cd file originally made with Director from the SOHO site; whereas the cd won't run anymore because of the platform, it is chuck full of video and text files that i can import into my vids.

here's one for sh**s and giggles:

we march on: look for a near realtime upload of images friday night into saturday morning as i record the event.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

a night at the Montalvo

Occulus Project Conception

hopefully it will have as happy an ending as the Marx Bros. film. about two weeks ago i proposed a reiteration of my Occulus project for Starry, Starry Night a star party featuring art of the heavens and astronomy at Montalvo Arts Center.

my conception for the temple

The project is a public video projection installation during the Starry, Starry Night event using Montalvo Arts Center's architecture as backdrop/projection screen and allowing the public a glimpse into the often overlooked complex connection to the Sun, the nearest star to the Earth.

there is tons to do and no time; i was luckily able to quickly assemble some of the CADRE fellows to assist me:
Sarah Lowe - materials and construction
Wayne Madsen - code warrior (kinds like Chuck Norris)
Ethan Miller - code warrior (kind like the Terminator + Gary Cooper)
James Morgan - telemetry and spiritual advice
me - logistics and video editing and worrywart

and this project also couldn't be realized without the generous support from:
Steele Hill, SOHO Media Specialist
Joseph B. GurmanFacility Scientist, Solar Data Analysis Center
Solar Oscillations Investigation (SOI) team and especially:
Philip H. Scherrer, Principal Investigator
Deborah ScherrerEducational Outreach, SOLAR Center Stanford University

the sun now! near-realtime images!
courtesy of virtual solar observatory

sf three minute film festival entry

slow progress for democracy accompanied by flipper

is our response to the slow progress of democracy of the western
hemisphere, the trapped feeling that one gets watching the clock,
knowing that it is wrong and staring in the face of the opinion of
the world. this steady sabotaged march is marked by nostalgia for the
past and an almost cruel misunderstanding of web 2.0. god bless the
french and their democracy, god bless the dolphins and live secure in
the knowledge that it only takes 2.5 minutes to make a 3 minute movie.

the pierres
Thomas Pierre Asmuth
John Pierre Bruneau
James Pierre Morgan

a screenshot until the film premiere