Monday, August 06, 2007

update: starry starry night

telemetry: beware, faint-of-heart, i have a cantenna and i know how to use it. herr Morgan loaned me his cantenna for the the event and the FREAKIN' thing is a cannon!! thank you JM! yesterday, i was also able to hax me Motorola Q into a broadband modem as a redundancy.

software: took a giant leap forward tonight. in the space of a few hours and two pizzas, dear friends and collaborators Rebecca, Wayne, and Ethan worked out most of the bugs and we actually have a running version as of now.

video:is coming along. i found a cd file originally made with Director from the SOHO site; whereas the cd won't run anymore because of the platform, it is chuck full of video and text files that i can import into my vids.

here's one for sh**s and giggles:

we march on: look for a near realtime upload of images friday night into saturday morning as i record the event.

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