Saturday, February 27, 2010

Second Life Collab?? & Remap Berlin Closing Day

i had a promising meeting with two faculty from the CS department yesterday. some decisions were being fleshed out about the use of the UWF campus in SL. while they want to also explore other options like Open Sim and Croquet we had an exciting moment where it was suggested that we work together on a cross-departmental project in SL. in the meantime i am going to try to connect these folks with the likes of the Ody Project folks, some of my colleagues using Open Sim, and drop some links (like the totally awesome Aesthetic Computing Classes at UF) to them. and it looks like i will be relocating the New Traditionalists Gallery to the UWF campus. this could be really good.

today i attended the closing reception for Remap Berlin at Odyssey. marco Manray has a very interesting intersection between Google Map's Panoramio and a MUVE called Twinity which simulates Berlin, Deutschland. Manray has been adding Twinity shots into the geolocative photo recording API of Panoramio & Google Maps. essentially Manray haas been adding the 'simscape' (hmm i like that!) snapshots to the Google Maps of Berlin in a recontextualization of the territory. here's the essay marco wrote on the project. and a few snaps from the closing party:

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

tweet tweet nope, not twitter

for sometime I have wanted to make some physical computing projects to accompany the electronic noise art jams in which i occasionally participate. i wasn't sure about what to do, but i have grandiose thoughts about performative robotics which execute to sensor data from the musicians. additionally, i am working with a BEAM design originally published by Ralf Schreiber called the solar sound module. the sound module is uses a schmitt trigger inverter to generate waveforms from which the piezoelectric buzzer can squeal and buzz.

i was working on a Schreiber inspired 'squeaker' circuit today when a new call for a jam on the 26th came across my mailbox. currently, i am designing a sound environment/sculpture from these inspirations, but when the call came though I was testing a sound module on my breadboard and it hit me: ??why can't i build and play the critters live/in real time??'. the jams are an improvisational method as is testing all these differing component combination on the Schreiber circuit. i will use a bread board and components as well as contact mics and a mixer to port in my 'music' to the jam.

playing with my work/improvisational physical computing from kid Neutrino on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

as usual I come to party late, but what a party it is. i discovered afrotechmods last week and nearly wasted an entire day being awed, fascinated, and learning the electronics and comedy stylings of afroman.

his techniques go from hyper-ridiculous to downright epic tutorials for the electronics geek. afroman you are my new hero!