Tuesday, February 16, 2010

tweet tweet nope, not twitter

for sometime I have wanted to make some physical computing projects to accompany the electronic noise art jams in which i occasionally participate. i wasn't sure about what to do, but i have grandiose thoughts about performative robotics which execute to sensor data from the musicians. additionally, i am working with a BEAM design originally published by Ralf Schreiber called the solar sound module. the sound module is uses a schmitt trigger inverter to generate waveforms from which the piezoelectric buzzer can squeal and buzz.

i was working on a Schreiber inspired 'squeaker' circuit today when a new call for a jam on the 26th came across my mailbox. currently, i am designing a sound environment/sculpture from these inspirations, but when the call came though I was testing a sound module on my breadboard and it hit me: ??why can't i build and play the critters live/in real time??'. the jams are an improvisational method as is testing all these differing component combination on the Schreiber circuit. i will use a bread board and components as well as contact mics and a mixer to port in my 'music' to the jam.

playing with my work/improvisational physical computing from kid Neutrino on Vimeo.

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