Tuesday, January 29, 2008

L-system software to plan sculpture

i have been using LSystem by jon klein for my research for fractal designs for antenna design. i am new to the Lindenmayer system which for un-initiated is grammatical system for handling fractal mathematical algorithms.

Poetry recital for a special machine.

Our first assignment in HMI. Naturally I composed about Wardriving, Antennae, and Wifi. Naturally, I used a javascript to compose the poetry. A few of the better Sonnents on Wifi:

1.Enter the red username.
CALMLY login THE password.
WHY DOES THE wifi blink?
NEVER PUSH A network.
WEPS run LIKE RAINY passwordS.

2.ALL pingS broadcast wireless, unsecure userS.
yellow, MISTY loginS LOUDLY reset A NOISY, wireless browser.

3.MetroWifi IS A blinking ISP.
WHY DOES THE 'Net blink?
account blink!
LIKE so many tears on a wireless card.

yeah i did clean it up a bit. :D You can find the applet on this page. Thanks to Keith Enevoldsen's Think Zone

Sunday, January 27, 2008

my data & my rights to privacy

just the other day i was lamenting to a professor about my really poor memory now that i have organized it to be external. my laptop has become an indispensable file cabinet of facts, figures, and perhaps very importantly research of contemporary artists. the topic arose when i was trying to recall the name of a dutch designer whose work i particularly like. i know many people who are in the same boat.

by sheer synchronicity one of my regular radio shows, On the Media had an amazing segment on the privacy litigation going on about our externalized memories on hard drives. the cases and judgments were very astonishing and defied categorization. how much privacy are you legally entitled to...

Thursday, January 03, 2008

you know you are in the pacific northwest when it rains coffee

rainincoffee01.JPG voodoodonut02.JPG

the travel was a little tedious but i simply love portland, how can you help but love a town where the greek restaurant installs an octopus with santa hat inflatable. or the town that has a punk rock donut shop which serves a donut the size of dinner plate, we highly recommend the 'old dirty bastard' which is covered in oreos and peanut butter and the 'doll' with raspberry filling. we surprised Owen hope to see him tonight and we will be hitting the first thursdays gallery crawl tonight with Palmarin.