Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Poetry recital for a special machine.

Our first assignment in HMI. Naturally I composed about Wardriving, Antennae, and Wifi. Naturally, I used a javascript to compose the poetry. A few of the better Sonnents on Wifi:

1.Enter the red username.
CALMLY login THE password.
WHY DOES THE wifi blink?
NEVER PUSH A network.
WEPS run LIKE RAINY passwordS.

2.ALL pingS broadcast wireless, unsecure userS.
yellow, MISTY loginS LOUDLY reset A NOISY, wireless browser.

3.MetroWifi IS A blinking ISP.
WHY DOES THE 'Net blink?
account blink!
LIKE so many tears on a wireless card.

yeah i did clean it up a bit. :D You can find the applet on this page. Thanks to Keith Enevoldsen's Think Zone

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