Thursday, August 02, 2007

a night at the Montalvo

Occulus Project Conception

hopefully it will have as happy an ending as the Marx Bros. film. about two weeks ago i proposed a reiteration of my Occulus project for Starry, Starry Night a star party featuring art of the heavens and astronomy at Montalvo Arts Center.

my conception for the temple

The project is a public video projection installation during the Starry, Starry Night event using Montalvo Arts Center's architecture as backdrop/projection screen and allowing the public a glimpse into the often overlooked complex connection to the Sun, the nearest star to the Earth.

there is tons to do and no time; i was luckily able to quickly assemble some of the CADRE fellows to assist me:
Sarah Lowe - materials and construction
Wayne Madsen - code warrior (kinds like Chuck Norris)
Ethan Miller - code warrior (kind like the Terminator + Gary Cooper)
James Morgan - telemetry and spiritual advice
me - logistics and video editing and worrywart

and this project also couldn't be realized without the generous support from:
Steele Hill, SOHO Media Specialist
Joseph B. GurmanFacility Scientist, Solar Data Analysis Center
Solar Oscillations Investigation (SOI) team and especially:
Philip H. Scherrer, Principal Investigator
Deborah ScherrerEducational Outreach, SOLAR Center Stanford University

the sun now! near-realtime images!
courtesy of virtual solar observatory

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