Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Where is kid N?

While researching a project I was Joi-fully reminded of networking entrepreneur Joi Ito's website and blog.

Looking around, I found an intriguing link that simply read: "Where is Joi?". The service and application I found is called plazer and Joi Ito's account told me the location of Joi's travels. His current location or perhaps where he was last seen. Intrigued by the idea and thankful that I can give my poor grad-school widow some more information on where to reach me, I signed up and enabled plazes on my laptop and then embedded the plazes badge into my website and the links bar on this blog (see to the left).

With plazer/ you can publish your geo-location through the internet node to which your machine or web-enabled device is connected. Now this kind of self actuated surveillance might seem a bit Orwellian to some of you but, I think it is a very intriguing social networking site/idea.

First, (for all of you conspiratists) I can choose to run the app or not allowing me anonymity to the public. I figure any law agency can do this with or without this app on my laptop. Second, the user chooses to publish his whereabouts, the app requires you to put in the data for location. If someone has done this you can choose the first option for your invisibility. The last lines of privacy include options for setting privileged on who can see you or if you are public.

checkout where the hell kid neutrino is today by going to my website or here.

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