Sunday, April 29, 2007

reflecting on the Borders conference

the conference was an outstanding success. we had decent attendance, we survived with grace during the technical nightmares, and we enjoyed being there. i will not say that we hit every goal we set for ourselves but, when we didn't we learned an amazing amount.

the audience for the session was a great collection of innovative minds associated with Tulane U., SymbioticA,, New Media Consortium, Ogoglio, SecondFront, and countless other affilations.

my session with Michele, Dore, and Eloise was reduced to text chat when we were not able to hack into phone system as we had earlier in the day. The result: four people talking via the chat system of Second Life with an amazing high level of knowledge and insight (well three of four, left a moderator/grad student in the dust at times). 'lite speak be damned! The transcript will be published this week along witht hte rest of the documentation of Borders.

To whet your appetite until then, I have begun to post the images from the sessions at:

"out of body" images haven't been posted yet since I am waiting for them from another colleague.

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