Monday, September 03, 2007

Junkbot Safaris

Dumpster Dives and Junking for Bot parts
I have been going out on Junkbot Safaris looking for pieces and prts for the robots I want to build. I put a simple scrapping tutorial on to help the people who want to come to my seminar. The Engineering Dept. does a bang up job of up dating equipment regularly and before the recyclers come, it usually sits for a week or two. As far as I can tell it is a win-win, the dept. has pays less because the waste load is reduced and we get 'monetarily' free materials. And if you dispose of your scrap with a proper recycler it is a responsible act as well.

My policy is to make sure the area is as clean or cleaner than when I arrived.They know that folks like me are on salvage operations. A sure way to get them to lock down this valuable material is to make a big mess of small parts for someone else to clean up. Please be kind to those who allow you access to this material. Here's an image from my tutorial.

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For the next bot seminar I want to get as many folks to part out old devices as possible. We will probably have to do a two part seminar. Part A: Salvage, Part B: Bot Construction.

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