Wednesday, December 26, 2007

plans for Zer01

i have accepted the job being the coordinator for the commissioned project/collaboration with Montalvo/CADRE/Mongrel for Zer01. Although, i am not ready (or able) to discuss the project, i can tell you that it has to do with telecommunications technology and switching. i am really looking forward to the project for all of the challenges in hardware, coordination, and of course the festival itself as the reward after our investment.

i had a chance to visit with Richard Wright and Graham Harwood on a ride around the Silicon Valley earlier this year. i really appreciate the Mongrel collective's sensibility about the ways culture can be strengthened by the continual mongrelization of tools/memes/populaces. additionally, i am really inspired by the ways they have demonstrated resourcefulness, quick-prototyping, d├ętournement, and poltical understanding of media technologies.

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