Tuesday, February 26, 2008

3 Fundred Million

There are many things that were amazing about CAA 2008 but, I feel I need to report on an important project I learned about from Mel Chin and spearheaded locally from Mary Rubin called the Fundred Project.

At this point Mel asked me to swear you to secrecy. Please only pass this info to the most sane individuals you know. ;) This project is so amazing I volunteered to participate.

Fundred is an artist intervention to remove the lead out of the soil in several communities in New Orleans. As you might know lead poisoning has been linked to cognitive disabilities but it is also linked to crime and violence. This poisoning hits the children the hardest because they exposed to more of it for their size and weight.

Mel has concieved of a project to collect the 300 Million that it would take to clean this up from student artists drawing their own Fundred Dollar bills. An armored car converted to burn vegetable oil will travel the US collecting the 3 Fundred Million and deliver it to Washington to 'pay' for the clean up.

To learn more see: Fundred Project. Agent, your password to the site is: Paydirt

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