Sunday, September 14, 2008

maybe i should start this post with that lame line such as: "wow it has been so long..." i will divert from that right now.

i have started working on my antenna painting project in a very real way today. i spent the last few weeks trying to find a good way to render the dragon curve (or any recursive folding system) in a vector like form so i can scale the lengths of the arms to the right wavelength(λ).

i found a nice script written in PostScript that renders the fractal beautifully posted on Dr. Charpentier's page about L-Systems. Gratefully this made my life very easy for the transfer to the image surface. i would like to improve on this so the curve never rolls on itself in the line. Guess i will need to learn some PostScript.

i decided to try to match channel 6 wavelength . This is of course the most overused channel partly because it is default. The λ of channel 6 will also allow me be sloppy as i am truly hand drawing this antenna; thus, a quarter millimeter here or there will not sink the ship.

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