Thursday, May 20, 2010

a /hug update

i am at the school studios late tonight finishing up a resize of one of the /hug vids. we were invited to exhibit the /hug training video: a message from /hug at the Salisbury University Electronic Gallery. the invite describes it as a
"special summer show is an invitational single channel exhibition of artists working outside the video genre, whose work will be featured in video formats."
this may be my all time favorite collab. it brought together so much good stuff. here's a link to the video in the case ya want to watch.

  • videographer
    • Liz Solo
  • script
    • kidNeutrino
  • actors
    • Kyungwha Lee
    • Liz Solo
    • Ali Sajjadi
    • James Morgan
    • kidNeutrino
    • Mez Breeze
  • editor
    • Liz Solo

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