Monday, October 18, 2010

damn! i was totally sucked in

tonight Christina McPhee posted some research on the CFP for Placebos for Art. I was really thrilled and wanted to apply to this show but is truly appears to be a complete hoax; McPhee has uncovered many curious pieces of embedded information:

"--I checked the medical references. They appear to be fictitious. The institutes, medical schools etc mentioned do not seem to exist. The pharmaceuticals don't exist. There is a Dr. Kristina U. who is a prof at University of Puget Sound, they mustve picked her name out of random searches for a cool doctor name.

-- I especially appreciate how close 'Behring' is to 'Schering,' which does fund a lot of art in their own self-interest. It's also amusing how the title is "Placebos for Art" but is asking for "Art Placebos." The latter is certainly more innovative. The world is full of 'placebos for art.'

--They at least have enough funding to buy an e-flux ad...

--very amusing! now what if e-flux is yesman-ized...

-- was seriously considering entering the pharmakon library. i mean. Get down"...

This is brilliant and McPhee deserves high praise for the discovery of this!

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