Monday, March 14, 2011

seeking performers & activists in Istanbul

WGHarding & Mr. Bricolage want you.
in a post from last week, i mentioned the Touchstone workshop project from Mr. Bricolage which was picked up by the curators of ISEA 2011.

the focus of the project is to build a platform/instruments and working with communities rather than making an artifact or specific performance. Stone and i want to release the idea to the world as a creativity tool at this phase.

we are seeking to partner with a Turkish or international performance or activist group who we could guide in building the low cost hacktivist sound generators. Mr. Bricolage is working on securing the funding for hardware and logistics of getting ourselves and materials to the conference and soon we will be announcing fund raising campaigns.

we specifically seek groups interested in using our design of wearable device for mobile and tactical sonification of the performance space. ideally, we would like to work with a local Turkish performers. if you know of some group who might be interested in an extremely low cost or no-cost workshop to build new sound tools for their work, please contact us at:

info [at] mr-bricolage [dot] us

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