Friday, December 18, 2015


i don't even know what that means! :D this is a log of my continued research at Signal Culture

i have been really busy with the code on this EEG project and it is not easy.when i really hit the wall but need to get something done i have been focusing on making sure I have good diagrams to repeat the process. here are some of my Fritzing drawings. Fritzing is an open source diagramming, visualization and PCB layout tool that originated from the Fachshochschule Potsdam. the tool is invaluable in mapping real world looks at breadboarding and i use it in class all the time to help my beginner students see the layouts.

the other two tools for diagramming and PCB layout seem to be very good. and the user community is strong, contributed libraries for parts seems to be growing at a reasonable rate and i have tried to draw a few of my own parts, but i need to practice some more on that! if you can manage that or find the libraries you need, you can even directly connect with a PCB manufacturer to get production boards made directly. i have not tried their services yet.

as you can see it makes it very easy to replicate and is a great option for the PCB design/production

images of all three: visualization on breadbooard, PCB layout for production and diagramming

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