Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ars Virtua Exhibition 'Honesty' Opens

Tonight was the opening of the latest exhibition at Ars Virtua. The exhibition, honesty is our policy, is curated from the archive by Amy Wilson, James Morgan, and Jay Van Buren. The Ars V. Gallery was a buzz as participant from around the country logged on the SecondLife metaverse.

The show included three projects originally commissioned by Turbulence: Urbandale by Cory Arcangel, Heritage by Nicolas Clauss and Jean-Jacques Birgé, and Stop Motion Studies by David Crawford.

Direct and poignant, the work of Crawford rings true in his stop-motion anthropology of Tokyo commuters on one morning. The work is a realization that the world around us is much more poetic in our everyday travails than we ever tend to believe.

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