Tuesday, September 12, 2006

language, priviledge, and sillyness
??a historiography song??

I was fortunate a few weeks ago to catch a CBC Radio One program called and sometimes y... (unfortunately it is not on the CBC site any more). The theme of the series was language and this program so it immediately caught my attention. This episode specifically because it dealt with the languages of specialists.

Being a generalist who is deeply involved with specialty fields, this is often a conflict I run into especially in my study of theory! It made me smile that the three specialty fields the highlighted were auto mechanics, art critics, and cultural theorists.

Of particular resonance (and humor), a fellow on the show, The Word Nerd, composed The Historian Song, a dulcet romp through the taxonomies of the specialists who study other specialists. He has cheerfully agreed to let me post his song via my site here, please enjoy.

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