Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Experiment in 'the Making'

I was really excited last week when our chairperson, Joel Slayton, said he was interested in doing mini-make sessions in our Seminar class. The seminar class is revolving around collaboration already and I had suggested some in class session to make gear led by myself. I am a huge fan of the DIY culture of the Bay Area (check out Make magazine) I can't wait to learn.

Jessica and I want to build some pringles-can-antennas to improve our range for wifi. I also had these ideas for classes I am proposing no particular order):
brewing your own cider,
archery (it is a scary idea but I have seen it done inside),
how to be a flaneur on SecondLife,
how to build a simple object on SL,
bluescreen technique
more to come, I am sure...

Here's a head shot of my avatar from our gallery on SL.

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