Saturday, August 14, 2010


i must confess my sins, now that this blogging experiment is almost half way done. about two weeks ago i pondered if i was interesting and fastidious enough to continue the professional bent of this blog and not let it mire in trivialities of my personal life. i have already discovered that i have good writing days and poor writing days. i have found that i sometimes overflow with topics to make short commentaries about and other days i struggle to figure tap out 5 or 6 sentences for the day(which adheres to my aforementioned wishes).

on the days in which i can write about myriads of things, i have seen a trend develop. i am writing pretty well developed drafts and scheduling them for future publication. this way i can let a bit of time pass and check the draft for competency, edit, etc.

the most so far is four posts in one sitting. one for that day and three scheduled for later. it seems to me that columnists and professional writers must do this as well. i pose a question to you, Rubaiyat(as I know you are my most regular reader and the progenitor of this damned challenge): is my 'pre-loading' the blog a cheat? or simply a gaming of the system that makes sense?

okay i will take feedback from any other reader too... hmmm, i need to jet. another post idea is coming to me :D

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