Thursday, August 05, 2010

a funny thing happened on the way to the inter-library loan

a colleague shared a title that he uses for his classes the other day, whoich i wanted to look at it before i commit to the $75 book. a quick jump to worldcat(oh! i love thee!) revealed that the State University System aka Union, had half a dozen hits at other campuses including two major schools only a few hours from the p'cola. i also noted that USF which is close to my mom's house had a copy. since i am on the road for a few more days i assumed, "cool i can look at the USF copy while they ship one of the closer copies to my campus". can you hear the fail horn coming?

yep they shipped the USF copy, or i assume so because it is due now in early November, obviously a faculty checkout. only 2.5 weeks until fall semester! eeeek!


  1. I am enjoying your snippets. Please continue. But if you could give a proper review of the book that would help too : )

  2. if/when i get to see the book i can do so. or i can do like all the students these day and repost a blog post from someone else. :D

  3. or in other words... i couldn't see the book. it no there...