Thursday, June 28, 2007

crack that (iPhone) case!

cute! my fave 3rd party Mac parts dealer will be cracking open the iPhone tomorrow. they are the smartasses who wear buttons that say "no I won't fix your iPod" (they will teach how to do it yerself).

get live updates of the iPhone surgery photoblog at:

>>>>>>>>>>from my email>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
--3-- Live iPhone Disassembly

We will be live blogging the disassembly of an iPhone shortly after
its release at 6:00 EDT on Friday, June 29. The live stream of photos
will use the same AJAX technology that the rest of our site is built
on. Your browser will update with images as soon as we take them,
without the need to refresh the page.

To be notified as soon as we begin disassembly, enter your email
address here:

The live disassembly will begin tomorrow afternoon at the above
address. Stay tuned!<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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