Friday, June 08, 2007

the first of many temporary autonomous zones

maybe the it is the ugliest homebrew circuit of all time but i successfully broadcast a mighty 1/2 watt of the local Chinese language AM radio to 97.10 FM. John Bruneau asked if I would be able to help him build a FM transmitter to broadcast TV signal this summer. The only bummer is that the kit from Free Radio Berkeley (FRB) is about 150 bucks.
I did some digging around after I remembered talking to the mavens of SF micro-radio Neighborhood Public Radio; they had told me about Tetsuo Kogawa. Kogawa pioneered micro-radio and micro-TV work in Japan. And he has published his notes, manifestos (temporary autonomous zones and polymorphous space), and plans on the interweb. The plans allowed me to whip up this transmitter for less than $15

next step to find the right trimpot to tune the sucker to any channel



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  1. Tetsuo Kogawa - great, link, interesting site. i liked seeing how his site design changed over time.