Thursday, June 21, 2007

twitter + plazes = ??

i have been trying to mash up my main two social network tools twitter and plazes so that it isn't a chore to keep current with both. i found several solutions including a php script that parses the rss feed which i installed on my web server. this solution was exhibiting a bug which i still don't understand so it would post a tweet of 'Error' everytime i ran the script.

i looked for other rss into twitter solutions and came across two from the freakitude blog. the article mentions and both services are offered free of charge to the community (yay!!). i had trouble parsing the plazes atom feed through but's product worked great.

i am going to continue to work on a stand-on-my-own/custom solution because both services only update every thirty minutes and i am not thrilled about the amount of titling that is placing in the tweets.

if the plazes api gets released soon i can look for solutions in the other direction twitter into plazes. if i can make this happen, maybe the cutesy web name should be called twazes (wonder what we get when we crossbreed this with flickr? twazkr of course).

a bonus is i was inspired to add the 'what am i up to' feed from both of my services to the side bar for the kN blog.

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