Sunday, June 17, 2007

the silkscreen day

we met about 10:30 and I showed the early birds how to stretch a screen and coat it with the emulsion. next I went over how to prep an image and then we burned the 'rez' design in a screen I had prepared earlier. then we set to printing; by this time lots more folks had shown. many people took turns both assisting me and some actually being brave and pulling their own prints.

Wayne mixed a beautiful grey that proved super popular. Xiaoqing's art looked awesome and many people put it on their shirt. lastly, we pulled some prints of XJ's design on RIves BFK (we are thinking about selling them at the street fair that Anno D will be doing later this summer). think about designs we could hawk at the fair! we can work on full color designs.

heres some sweet shots from the day

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