Friday, June 29, 2007

a day at the CDC

the CDC has a public space & face. the public space includes a gallery space for a permanent and rotating exhibit. we had to go through an extensive security check that included a x-ray scan and physical search of our vehicle that was worth every bit of the inconvenience. the current visiting exhibit is from the National Holocaust Museum; Deadly Medicine tracks the 20th century Eugenics movement across the world and how it was used during the Nazi years. amazing stuff; i was not aware how large the movement was across the planet.

the permanent exhibit is about the history of the CDC. some of the artifacts include: an iron lung, tools for collecting small pox virus, level 5 'blue suits', and a lounging 6 foot mosquito called Betty. a tour group was getting a chance to put on the hazard suits, I am so jealous. I propose a nList field trip! they do a Disease Camp for High Schoolers, maybe we can talk them into a college-level course.

they have a giftshop (which I am already planning some suggestions for new products), i was able to get some goodies including a plush cold virus for my 7 month old cousin.

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